“Section 5 of RA No. 11032 otherwise known as Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018, mandated all offices and agencies which provide government services are hereby mandated to regularly undertake cost compliance analysis, time and motion studies, undergo evaluation and improvement of their transaction systems and procedures and reengineer the same if deemed necessary to reduce bureaucratic red tape and processing time.
Section 6 of the same Act also directed all government agencies including departments, bureaus, offices, instrumentalities, or government-owned and/or –controlled corporations, or LGUs shall set up their respective most current and updated service standards to be known as the Citizen’s Charter in the form of information billboards which shall be posted at the main entrance of offices or at the most conspicuous place, in their respective websites and in the form of published materials written either in English, Filipino, or in the local dialect, that detail:
(a) A comprehensive and uniform checklist of requirements for each type of application or request;
(b) The procedure to obtain a particular service;
(c) The person/s responsible for each step;
(d) The maximum time to conclude the process;
(e) The document/s to be presented by the applicant or requesting party, if necessary;
(f) The amount of fees, if necessary; and
(g) The procedure for filing complaints.


“We, the officials and employee of the Municipal Government of Tarragona pledge and commit to deliver quality public services as promised in the Citizens Charter guided with the following principles and advocacy:

T-RANSPARENCY. We ensure that citizens have access to information about commitments that the local government has made and whether it has met them.

A-CCOUNTABILITY. We make our people accountable for their actions and value their work.

R-ELIABILITY. Informing citizens of their rights and by providing them with channels for redress and quality assurance.

R-ESPONSIVENESS. Public services are delivered, and requests and complaints are responded to within a reasonable timeframe.

A-IMING to build and promote integrity.

G-ENDER AND CULTURE SENSITIVITY. Attending our clients by  refraining from discriminating against or stereotyping on the basis of sex or gender, treating all clients with equal respect.

O-PENNESS. Information on decisions, implementation of policies and results is made available to the public in such a way as to enable it to effectively follow and contribute to the work of the local authority.

N-ERTWORKING. Engagement and interactions between or across government agencies and civil society and mutli-sectoral groups.

A-CCESIBILITY. Providing client easy access to our frontline and administrative services.